School Fundraising Success with Cookbook Fundraising!

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School Fundraising will provide you more than what you have asked. The idea of fundraising cookbooks for school has developed into numerous success stories.

After working with over 100,000 groups that have raised millions with our easy step-by-step Cookbook Fundraising Program, Fundcraft knows fundraising campaigns! Fundraising programs can generate lots of money and have lots of success! We guarantee in writing that any fundraising group that follows our Original Cookbook Program will raise enough money to pay for the cookbooks or they can return the books for full credit. This fundraising cookbook program [for community, church and school fundraising projects] has proven success for over 60 years. (Try fundraising cookbooks for your school or church and share your success with Fundcraft Publishing.)

Our guarantee is very simple – the more cookbooks you order, the more recipe contributors you must have to sell the books.

Sharing your favorite recipes with a cookbook is wonderful, and can be more exciting with a fundraising program! Then share your success story with us!

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